Dexter Lee Whipple Act 1

I met him at the Silver City Saloon in Banff Alberta. He was carrying a tray of Pilsner beer.  I asked for 2. He said he didn’t have any and disappeared into the crowd on the disco side. 

He would dance by himself for hours, which went along with his penchant for appearing  to  have his head firmly up his arse.I had never witnessed such confidence. Then the best looking young woman any of us ever saw started dancing with him… They would dance for hours and we his audience cheered him on.

I actually met him when he came to work at the Cascade Inn as a waiter. I was cooking in Bobo’s Bistro at the back of the tavern.

At the beginning of the summer when I asked for the 2 Pilsner, Dexter had a full head of curly hair, but he was bald before winter. I have never seen anyone lose their hair quicker. 

During the winter I got to know him and he would tell me stories about all the money he made and how he and the friends he had when he had hair used to go through cocaine and  Grand Marnier in unprecedented amounts.

I suggested to him that it was perhaps the diet of cocaine and liqueurs that perhaps contributed to his hair loss.

I don’t know if I was right but the look on Dexter’s face suggested that this was a new idea to him…

I had many laughs with you my friend. 

He sometimes went by another name.

He was running from something like a lot of us…


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