Something Positive to say about Lawyers… finally!

Good lawyers are expensive however in time I have learned that great lawyers are priceless because some people don’t play fair and sometimes when you are say trying to protect the most precious and vulnerable in our society it requires great legal help.

I have found in life that you generally get what you pay for and I am currently in the grin and bare it mode however even in this theme there’s a strange calm in knowing that the Adults have entered the room and they know what they are doing and yes they will be paid!

Dennis Mantin

The Problem With Stress

I have found my judgment or assessments in a stressful environment can not just be flawed but completely 180 ° opposite of what I was thinking.

The walls go up, fears take over and my reptilian fight or flight reaction takes rule and the fight is on… even when someone is there to help.

I know I am not alone in this. This is the norm. This is what it means to be human.

This is more about acknowledgement than an apology. I learn from my humanity experience or at least I try. This is what makes the shame of being wrong tolerable.

Dennis Mantin

I Don’t Know Bukowski

I don’t know what it is, however… Whenever I read Bukowski… I want to write.

Maybe it’s one alcoholic speaking to another, I don’t know. A safe place for a sober, dare I say recovered alcoholic; hearing tales from a dead man?

No, it’s the courage that I lacked when I was down the rabbit hole that he possessed. To be so honest in and about his addictions, maybe that’s the identification that happens?

Dennis Mantin

The Question

She asked, “Would the boy you were be proud of the man you’ve become? “

Not something I have ever thought of before however, I’m going with “YES.”

You think as a child your experience is singular and unique and later realize you’re just one of many sharing from the same unconcious pool.

I was and still am a spiritual being having a physical experience.

The gift of being a parent is that I know all the feelings and experiences she is having are part of me with the added bonus that I am there for her to help and hopefully guide. I am so grateful for this life and opportunity at life regardless of my judgment of good or bad. It wasn’t always this way, so yes.

Dennis Mantin

My Involvement

The talk has faded into the ether of the past… like farts in the wind.

The memories of your touch has dwindled into the vastness of an ‘I can’t remember’ void and has been replaced with an empty tear cried by none.

You might recall I tried to show you through demonstration, but your eyes glassed over like you wanted to be somewhere else.

Congratulations! My involvement in your life has come to a close.

Nothing left now except lawyers and money to decide whom spends the most time with our child… I’m hoping on me for everyone’s sake.

Me, because I love being a parent and her, because with me I know she’ll be safe and acknowledged; and you so you can travel the world and tell everyone you meet what a great artist and talent you are, especially now that you’ve been unbridled from the inconveniences and burdens of being an adult.

Dennis Mantin

Hugs Over Masks 2020

At a Queens Park gathering of the world’s stupidest people, the mother of my friends daughter stood out to such a degree that his 8 year old said.

“Dad I was so embarrassed… stranger’s; women were coming up to me and asking me if I was alright.”

“They were calling her a witch and she was screaming back at them… ‘The witch has warned you. Heed the witch!”

A mentally ill woman grasping to the last vestiges of sanity is being called a witch in front of her 8 year old girl by adults at a rally promoting HUGS over masks.

I do believe this is not a great look for the left socialists, albeit it is an honest portrayal of what is at the heart of whatever they are promoting.

Dennis Mantin

Mr. Awareness

I have walked step by step.

Putting one foot in front of the other.

With awareness to do the next right thing.

And sometimes the next right thing hurts the one you love the most and its best for them however they refuse to see and Mr Awareness Do the Next Right Thing transitions into ‘Arsehole Man’ or Mr Mean.

This is where the tests are of courage and compassion and even I am tired of Mr. Awareness.

Dennis Mantin

Morning Glare

In the full bloom of day I am less than pious.

Flawed and richly human the struggle for greater and greener pastures continues.

Always a chance with breathe comes hope, for the walk continues; to where I can’t be sure.

I have been blessed with great health and have peace of mind despite the conflict that rages around me. Dare I ask for more?

Dennis Mantin

A New Day Upon Us

I am waiting in the shadows of low light For soon these will fade in glorious sun. The past is gone with all these mountains of memory.

Soon there will be a new day upon us. And I for one am not going to waste this opportunity pining for yesteryears from some bygone era where secrets dwelt on the shoulders of giants.

The opportunity of now is this wonderful thing called life. I will attempt to be at peace with the fact that not everyone I meet will not be as fortunate as me and maybe I can help.

It’s early and soon I will get out of bed .

Dennis Mantin