The Beginning Revised

It was strange at the beginning with no one around willing to teach me…

Since there was nothing to compare it with, I just felt it was all mine. The world a stage for my own personal play?  Maybe this was why I spoke… Truth.

Flattery seemed too easy to be believed however in hindsight this would be what the older me would teach the younger me if that opportunity ever Existed.

Dennis Mantin

Time To Go

When we say no to listen. When we say they’ve had enough.

You said that your a pacifist, but you seem to like it rough.

You been spitting out your vengeance and it sure sounds like pain.

It’s time you that were letting go or maybe planning some refrain.

Like the drunk that wants to party, when the home trot has begun.

You keep on beating that dead horse, and that dead horse is done.

You have taken all the patience, all the good vibes and the gold.

Now it’s time to take your leave and find new stories to be told.

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s only been a Sunday… This business called Mother’s Day

Leftovers and breaking bad. And I guess you’ve had your say.

I’ve never been that crazy and I’ve never been in love.

It’s not over but it’s hazy. She’s not been speaking of…

No greetings card on Mother’s Day. All smiles and no calls

The scars in time, sometimes fade, but no gas, the motor stalls.

I’ve never been that crazy and I have never been in love.

It is over and not hazy with no more words to speak of.

Dennis Mantin

The Wise One and The Idiot

The wise one cautioned me about using words like ‘idiot’ and expressing anger.

I told him, “‘I’m saying this to you because I feel I need to get it out. I’m not saying this anywhere else, except maybe to myself. “

“You look at the actions of the one you call the idiot as if they have a choice. Like you getting release by saying these things to me, they are getting release by saying what they say to you…”

“Ah, yes… now I see! Thank you Wise One.”

Dennis Mantin


I thought I knew… which is the beauty of delusions. It’s in the certainty of being right.

I remember the ache of not being able to own these mistakes and that is the difference now.

I can look that bitch right in the eyes and laugh, “Wrong again!” And then sleep like a baby.

Dennis Mantin

The Strangest Thing

For the last 17 years I have lived by certain mottos that includes…

1. Do the next right thing.

2. Mind my own business.

3. Don’t say anything unless you have something nice to say.

4. Have relationships based on trust and respect.

5. Put no one above my own needs.

6. Never shit in my own nest.

7. The Golden Rule.

8. Stay in the moment, be aware.

9. Protect myself with the same passion as I extend to my child.

10. Live by faith in God.

So it comes as quite a surprise to learn that someone wishes me to die soon of a painful painful death…

I guess I can’t please everyone and despite my best efforts apparently it is not difficult to stir up rage beyond belief in others.

I had no idea I could create such passions!

Now if they knew me during an earlier incarnation of myself, then by all means..

Dennis Mantin

Troubles at the Brink

It seems heavy in the evenings.

Deep and quiet is the sound.

There’s hell to pay at midnight

In that thought-filled-fertile-ground.

You never were that honest.

When you had to much to think.

The abyss is deep and drifting

In those troubles at the brink.

The curtain calls have ended.

The applause has all but died.

It’s over and you’ve sang it all.

Those tears have all been cried.

‘They are painting in the corner. They say it’s time to shove. The colors not an option. The choice is die or love.

They are painting in the corner. Your time is bought and, sold. The devils in the details, when you’ve stolen all the gold.’

Dennis Mantin


I have some say in all this thing…

I choose what I do and become!

Not everything is predestined and ordained by higher powers.

I think that’s true.

I believe.

Dennis Mantin


Things are clearer in the rearview.

Objects are closer than they appear.

It’s all in how you catch the lights.

And treat those myths of yesteryear.

They say that memories are faulty.

As for me I can’t be sure.

I forgot so much from bygone days.

My past is clean and pure.

The devil is in the details.

It’s calm at eye of storm.

I’m not looking in the rearview.

Right now is true to form.

Dennis Mantin