The savages we descended from; we pretend they weren’t us…

We think we are different.

This thing we call civility is questionable, at least.

Why are we so offended at our heritage?

Look how far we’ve grown.

“How tall we are, we’ve learned so much!”

Why the shame? Why pretend?

Given what they were dealing with, I can’t say that I’d have done anything better or different…

Dennis Mantin

The Bad News

The Bad News came to Parkdale. From a plane boarding, Lyon France.

I listened like it was a warning . I don’t leave that much to chance.

The doors are double bolted. Peace of mind, came and went.

She is packing now and planning. Has the money all been spent?

The Madness can’t continue. Peace and love,so hard to find.

She’s not finished playing victim. So many horrors in that mind.

All is quiet, but no peace here. In this Sunday waking hour.

She’ll be leaving soon, with her rage and force. Mistaking both for power.

Dennis Mantin

Saturday Rain

It’s Saturday. It’s raining.

Snows all broken down.

Melted in the sidewalks.

Like the past, just fade to drown.

I’m tired, and I’m healing.

From what I just can’t say.

I slept in passed my pill time.

I just took it anyway.

There is something in my memory.

I’ve been thinking, so hard to find.

I’ll just look a little longer.

To myself, I am that kind.

Dennis Mantin

The Shopping Mall Generation

When I was a kid in the 1960s, the farmers could be heard lamenting about a changing world that they feared.

Beautiful stone cobbled streets of small towns were replaced with “The Shopping Mall Generation!” AND cities grew. “Who would grow the food?” The farmers asked.

But did anyone see this coming down the pike? A generation so smart that they make money while they sleep?

A generation who became so important that not having children became for them, the best option. Which is probably the best thing since we can no longer determine genders…

I am not afraid. I am not in control. I am embarrassed… or am I entertained?

Dennis Mantin

Modern Thinking

I am being left behind…

I am a dying breed.

It’s ok.

The generation left behind by technology.

I like this modern thinking.

Stay single and make money while you sleep.

I pretend I don’t know why there is so much unhappiness and rage.

If you aren’t cultivating relationships and you don’t have to work and you are having your food and sex delivered… What exactly are you doing with your time? I would be writing, painting, and making films, but that’s me… I am being left behind.

Dennis Mantin

The Offer

Not much in the offer.

Sadly quiet before the dawn.

The Madman is dodging traffic.

But not all hope is gone.

There’s a prayer, and there’s a promise.

There’s a hole in that link fence.

There’s a need to use the toilet

Not much else is making sense.

Dennis Mantin

Thursday In The Springtime

It’s Thursday in the springtime… mornings dark and new.

I can’t say I ever loved her, but my feelings kinda grew.

There’s a black cat on my rooftop. And I’ll be leaving soon.

I’ve made and packed the lunches. We all dine from bags at noon.

I’ll be driving out to Pearson. Arrivals coming from JFK.

It is Thursday in the Springtime. Waiting for the light of day.

Dennis Mantin

The Odd Exception

I have chosen work and have not considered the alternatives. I realized early that I neither have the constitution for crime or the want to do the time.

As I watch the bums ply their trade and bounce from face to face, searching for that empathic glow to dig deep and hand over; I realize I don’t have the constitution for this either. Either side of the equation.

Oh, don’t get me wrong… I have handed out my share! Hand out change, and you get attitude back. Hand out a 5 or 10, and you get smiles and a reputation. They will run into oncoming traffic to cross the street when they see you. I am retiring from bum giveaways! Spread the word.

Like retirement from work, there will be the odd exception.

Dennis Mantin