The Complaint

A long time friend says he finds my poetry/prose depressing and suggests I look to the future through a lens of greater positivity…

For the record Joe, I am not depressed or depressing and am not afraid to comment on the realities I see or have seen or experienced. I have learned to embrace humanity in all of its beauty and flaws.

If what I write about the human experience causes you distress than may I suggest that you stop reading my perspectives…

Dennis Mantin


There’s a stress that’s in my throat now: I try to call it out by name.

And has shown over time to me. That after, I’ll never be the same.

There is no rhyme or reason. Like the Nile can’t find the source.

I know it came from someone… You? Yes! Of course of course.

I’ve been searching for this feeling… The kind I get when I’m alone.

And if I need to reach out… I’m sure your hands are on the phone.

Don’t you take it personal now. Cause you know I’ve had enough.

Please tell me about your feelings and all that really high-brow stuff.

There’s no moral to this story. Few winners can be found.

Just the world seems topsy-turvy, and Love is losing ground.

Dennis Mantin

Ayahuasca Farm and Fair

There’s this concept called reality… That’s been lost somehow somewhere. Been preaching her visions of piety… Down at the ayahuasca farm and fair.

They are searching for more answers. Conversations one on one with God. Some are too polite to speak of truth. They just listen and smile and nod…

Now as for me I’m not that burdened… There’s a truth that I have learned…  Speaking like you’re batshit crazy… You’ll be lonely and I’m concerned.

There’s this drive to be that special. Nothing you won’t do to be the one. There’s a sickness like a virus here… And I fear it’s just begun.

Dennis Mantin

June Winds

A June wind is short of howling.

The leaves are holding fast.

There’s a face on Queen that’s scowling.

Pretty sure its going to last.

The ambulance and cops have landed.

A gurney has rolled down.

All the way from for forever.

Where dreams wash up and drown.

The sirens leave in silence.

There’s a dancer in the rain.

The tears are from her laughter.

Poor girl she’s gone insane.

Dennis Mantin

Snitch Line

The Snitch line got posted. Complaints form at the left.

The Crime that was to follow was only ‘Character Assassins Theft.’

You know they had it coming! Was a shame it took so long.

No standards left are standing, no joy that can’t be wrong.

There’s a path that must be taken, no easy way to learn.

We will take and build again all the bridges that you burn.

Dennis Mantin

Crow Piss

Tis early here at crow piss; its darkest before the dawn.

Been dreaming about her beauty, and a smile she had on.

Time is somehow fleeting, on a race to God knows where.

I’m just naked in the shadows, with a calm yet distant stare.

Might sound like I’m complaining, I’m just searching for more sleep.

There’s a laughter in the distance; followed by a gentle weep.

Dennis Mantin

Early Success Blue’s

The success it came so early, in that spotlight was big love.

They lined up and smiles pearly, to help when push would come to shove.

The youth it is the first to go. Like smiles in the rain.

You never learned to handle ‘NO!’ There’s a softness in your pain.

Now you’re a little older, standing crying in the shade.

No courage to get bolder, such a shame you had it made.

There are lessons in your story. There’s a winners/losers card.

If no pain is in your glory, the lessons learned are hard.

Dennis Mantin

Wicked Wanda

Wicked Wanda’s telling stories and none of them are true.

She has her Heroes riled up and they’re coming for me and you.

Now I can’t say I’m worried because I’ve dealt with this before.

You see I knew her older sister and her Mother I adore.

But for you I’d make provisions, set affairs and say goodbyes.

When Wanda’s on the war path, there’s no running from those lies.

Dennis Mantin

Mad Willie

Mad Willie is giving stock tips.

Mad Willie wants it rich.

He gave it up for love and fam.

And fame which is a bitch.

Mad Willie he tells me stories.

Mad Willie makes me howl.

He has what I’d call unique views.

But he’s throwing in the towel.

No more work for Willie.

The big score will come in.

He has it all and keeping faith.

Let the leisure time begin!

Dennis Mantin