The Meditation (short film)


The world is changing, grinding on its gears, seemingly to a new set of rules. People are confused and afraid

When I first wrote this, I wasn’t interested in meditation. The only person I knew who practiced it seemed exceptionally unhappy and fearful. Many years later, after I made a return to painting, I became interested in exploring the practice. I have come to realize that many people seem to take up mindfulness only to fortify their egos even more. They utilize it as a tool to be more “spiritual” and “better” than others and walk the path of spiritual materialism.

This story is about four characters and the possibilities they have to make choices in their lives. The first, as I have already mentioned above, imprison themselves in their delusions of self importance. The second type sleepwalk through existence, passively unaware of the richness of life in and around them. The third type seem to have no rules at all, and the fourth struggle to live lives that are informed by spiritual principles. In the constant watchfulness required to remain centered and grounded in themselves, they develop a taste for things that are true. Rather than being caught in a state of continuous reaction to the demands of life, they aim to be more  impartial towards the natural forces in play. They see how things really are, regardless of the circumstances. This naturally awakens an attitude of humility and a deep reverence for life.

This story is about paths, crooked and straight, and how they reveal themselves, where they take us, and the decisions we make to follow them, or not.

My short film The Meditation is now available to watch on YouTube.


14 thoughts on “The Meditation (short film)

  1. Kirsten Halpin

    I look forward to watching the next step of this production. This is my first time viewing your website. I am more than impressed with your talent.


  2. John Ferth

    This story about paths is different at different stages in life.When you are 20, the sky is always blue and the world awaits you with open arms,
    is not quite the same as at the time when you have a longer past then a future.Meditation thought me that I have no hand in my fate, the best
    I can do is try to enjoy today. Today, could be a very nice day. If not, –
    accept the things you cannot change…


  3. Very interesting topic these days when information is bombarding us from all direction from the early morning wake. A wise man once told me that one should meditate at least 1 hour per day, and if you find yourself too busy, then should meditate 2 hours.
    I am impressed by your work and passion Dennis.
    Kind regards, bw


  4. i can’t wait to see the full production. I struggle with meditation amongst many other things. I too believe there are those unconsciously unaware, aware, consciously aware. we are all at different stages. the only thing that lets go of the ego is meditation, yet it infiltrates the meditations all the time. you are talented. let me know when the finished product is ready. Ill get the popcorn!
    Sincerely, Lisa Parsons


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