Faraway Daydreamers

I decided not to follow, the path was to well worn.

The walkers were all burdened with a look of wrath and scorn.

Except for faraway daydreamers and yes there was a few.

As long as they didn’t smile to long at the not too happy crew.

It was difficult to leave them but I knew I could not stay.

There was no hugs or sad goodbyes, just ‘you best be on your way.’

I sometimes think about them or see one in my dreams.

And sometimes they all laugh at me and are busting at the seams.

Dennis Mantin


It’s all joy now on the home front.

All the sadness has rained down.

The blue birds are all dancing.

Since Miss Drama has left town.

Now I’m not saying I don’t miss her.

Not saying that there’s no stress.

I am just thankful for the silence.

Enjoying the simple life, God bless!

Dennis Mantin

Plato said…

Plato said, ‘No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.’

Now you tell me! Christ here I am spilling the goods, thinking that I’m providing this wonderful service; pissing off all who hear my valuable opinions, only to realize I was just creating hate.

By association… I wonder if Plato observed that no one is more loved than he who tells lies?

Probably not.

Dennis Mantin

The Acknowledgment

My 9 year old daughter informed me last night that she gifted me a mug with the word ‘FRIEND’ on it for Father’s Day a few years back and that I had not really acknowledged the fact that she considered me her friend as well as her father…

This my Dear Friend is correct and I offer you my deepest apology. The first full sentence you ever said to me was, “You and I are like best friends. ”

You said that when you were 2 and I strive to be your friend and thank you for being my greatest teacher. ❤

Dennis Mantin

The Difficult Times

Will you look back upon this period of your life and exclaim that this was the difficult times?

I suspect this will be the case however I don’t forsee any sadness in my quarter for I did the best I could under trying circumstances and you piled on as much shite as you could muster searching for a breaking point you never found and never will, not in me… No, I will not give you that kind of power; for that burden would be too great for you to carry.

After this, you and I will take different paths and I will not speak of you as like so many distasteful things, this is part of the past.

Dennis Mantin


When I was younger I would compare myself with others all the time.

I don’t know when this practice began and I don’t know exactly when it ended… However I was still doing this long after high-school.

I remember not wanting to attend a high-school reunion because I felt shame for not believing that I had achieved enough.

Growing up is a difficult process and I am happy to report that for me this goal has been achieved.

This comparison rarely accomplished anything positive. If I came out on top which did happen occasionally, I felt bad for those who didn’t. If I didn’t then I was left with that.

Somewhere along the way I just figured out that I didn’t have to be at the top or the bottom… That Somewhere in the middle with the masses was just fine.

Dennis Mantin

The Complication

Informed and wise people kept saying, “It’s complicated.”

The only complication I could see was they lacked the humility to admit that they believed someone who had lied to them… as if lying is so unusual or more to the point, that it is so difficult for intelligence to be fooled.

All it takes are tears and words of victimhood and the opportunity to be a hero, complicates the shit out of well meaning intellectuals.

Dennis Mantin