Dream # 1482

She had a look all business, that some mistook for cold.

I charmed my way into the dark, a sort of drama did unfold.

She said I lacked imagination and she changed me from within.

She showed me all her prowess; how and where I could begin.

I was looking for an exit, a strange light outside appeared.

I made my way I don’t know how, like the seas a path was cleared.

This story has no moral except somewhere else I did arrive.

Unless she’s here and in my dreams then I made it out alive.

Dennis Mantin

Shot Down

Another day, sundown. Another night sundown. Fades to midnight blue. There’s nothing I can’t do!

And here comes the night and I hear your voice and I lose my way. Where are you now? Can I touch you somehow? You’re somewhere near sleep, where images fade. Here comes the sun. Another night is done. Here comes the sun and here I go again.

Saw the man he was shot down, eyes rolled white, he was shot down; breathed goodbye… that sound. Fades to midnight blue and there’s nothing I can do. And here comes the night and I hear your voice and I lose my way. Where are you now? Can I touch you somehow? You’re somewhere near sleep where images fade…

Here comes the sun. Another night is done. Here comes the sun and here I go again.

Dennis Mantin

The Voice

The day the Voice moved in with me. He brought his good friend fear. Said, We all share your heart and soul… You’ll soon forget were here. “

The day the Voice moved in with me. Peace and sleep moved out. The addict he was at the door and the Voice did jump and shout!

Said we like you, we like it here, we know you like us too. And we know you’ll like our friends, cause true friends are so few.

The Voice would talk for hours about nothing much at all. All the noise would wake the fears and the drunk would wake withdrawal. Years had passed in tears and stains and I had to kill the fear. The drunk he left in the middle of night; said he didn’t like it here.

The Voice returns sometimes when I sleep, but he’s gone when I awake. The strength it took to kill the fear was more than he could take. And the drunk is with the addict and they live from coast to coast… And sometimes when I pray to God I pray you’re not their host.

Singing, “We like you, we like it here, we know you like us too, and we know you will like our friends cause true friends are so few.”

Dennis Mantin

Bitter Cold

The bitter cold has lifted, the snowflakes melted wet.

The winds are more forgiving, we are huddled with feet set.

On ground as hard as clay, under sky as white as bone.

We are humbled and forgiven, yet we feel so all alone.

Maybe it’s just the season, it might be something more.

We are waiting on deliverance, in that distance there’s a roar.

Dennis Mantin

Baby Loves Clowns

I don’t know why my baby loves clowns Whose painted on tears never fall down I don’t know what she sees in their eyes Perhaps the line between horror/surprise.

I don’t know why my baby can’t sing… Why carnival music isn’t her thing. Songs fill my head when I’m at the fair. Searching for clues in clowns everywhere.

I don’t know why she screams at night… I hope it’s not why she holds me so tight Cause I’m the type, I’m weak for love. Carnival music I rise above.

Is it the pain or is it the fears? For some carnival crimes from yesteryears… Maybe it’s you, maybe I’ll never know. Maybe it’s me, baby let go.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall… Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…. Went to her shrink, ended up at the mall. Humpty Dumpty wanted it all.

Dennis Mantin

The Chances Store

Chances were the premium at the Chances Store.

I called up their proprietor and asked for just one more.

Inside information suggested relocate. When they closed the Chances Store… It sealed the users fate.

No plans for the future and the future it is here. Who knew that the sun would rise and whisper last nights fear.

So we headed for the highway which ended at the light. Looked upon arrival, no Chances Store in sight.

Searching for the answers that will ease the fears, some will stand there crying to find few are buying tears.

All are someone’s baby, lost along the way. Strangers and sojourners who have lost the need to pray.

And I say Pray!

Dennis Mantin

Financial Ruin





Nothing new under the sun.

The best laid plans of mice and men.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

There ain’t no turning back!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It is just a phase we are going through.

It’s not the size of the man in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the man.

We are all in this together.

If you don’t have health and family, little else matters.

Keep the faith 🙏

Dennis Mantin

The Advisor

The Advisor is still speaking. My response will have to wait.

I know I should be so grateful. There’s so much now on my plate.

There’s the problem I can’t listen. All these voices in my mind.

A warning with some guidelines. With no words described as kind.

I am walking closer now. Standing, grinning eye to eye.

The Advisor has gone quiet. “Are you sure it’s not a lie?”

My question has caused confusion. I can see her far off gaze.

She’s going to her safe house, where soft music always plays.

I know it’s not permanent, someday she will return.

She has so much to teach me and I have so much to learn.

Dennis Mantin