Testing to Destruction

A method for gauging the durability of a product before taking it to market was testing and retesting to determine the breaking point.

People with Borderline Personality Disorder employ a similar strategy with relationships…

This has been a public service announcement by someone who has had their fill.

Dennis Mantin

Pandemic Heatwave… Tales from the City # 1

The lineup at the Shoppers Drugmart was short, however long enough to see a young woman leave and be followed by a young man, who seconds later shouted after her,

“Keep walking you 2 legged dog!”

She turned and glared at him above her mask, saying something that I didn’t hear however, whatever it was it had the strength to allow her to keep walking and for him to refer to her again as a 2 legged dog again and again.

In the drugstore I noticed we are low on toilet paper and paper towels.

Dennis Mantin

The Danger of the “KAREN”

She said “It’s now or never.” The drama it was high.

He stayed silent and oh so clever… Smiled and waved goodbye.

He pointed just a finger. Knew instinctively it was wrong.

It’s never just the singer. Sometimes it’s the song.

Is there greater danger? Then a Karen feeling scorn?

Commen sense is such a stranger. Karen can’t be wrong!

Dennis Mantin

A Glorious Fact

I made my daughter laugh until she pissed herself; telling her bedtime stories about her family.

She emptied her bladder on the sheets and spread before managing to get the bathroom… I guess to change.

I don’t know if this runs in my family as I did this several times when my was her age and a little older.

Such emotions! The freedom. The complete abandonment of care… until someone has to do the laundry, but thankfully it all comes out in the wash.

Dennis Mantin


I have learned that both are mostly true. The moments seared to my memory are equally the most monstrous and beautiful!

John Keats wrote that ‘Beauty is a joy forever’ and somewhere in my distant youth I heard some anonymous voice say that ‘ugliness goes to the bone.’

Dennis Mantin