The Advantage

I always had the advantage of knowing when they were lying…

And that wasn’t the the only advantage; I also had the faith that someday, somehow I would find the truth.

I didn’t know why they feared the truth and I don’t need to know. It’s just the way it is… predictable and patterned.

I wasn’t burdened with parents showering their delusions upon me, which at the time was seen as somewhat of a disadvantage however given the luxury of hindsight, what an advantage! What a ride its been…

Dennis Mantin

The Lie

I don’t ask very many people direct questions anymore, however when I do, I listen carefully to the answer they give.

The lie people tell is that they never lied. They just avoid the question.

An example: “Did you give my number to person X?”

“I haven’t texted person X in years.”

It sounds like an answer and later they will say smiling, “I never lied.”

Later they will ask after no contact with me, “Have I done something wrong?”

“You? No never…”

Dennis Mantin

Happy Friday

The text came from the man I work with. ‘Happy Friday’

It’s 6:30 a.m. and 4 crack addicts are hurriedly combing the sidewalk for whatever they imagine they dropped as a streetsweeping machine with its vacuum hose and driver bears down upon them on the sidewalk at Sherburne and Dundas.

It could be a life altering moment for at least one of them I hope as the sweeper sweeps, the light changes and the addicts scatter into the ether of early morning shadows…

Happy Friday Everyone!

Dennis Mantin


I just stay inside.

I rarely leave the door.

If I feel inspired.

I always know what for.

I just stay inside.

It’s better there for me.

I nod off by the fires.

She’s the only one I see.

I just stay inside.

A place inside my head.

If I give it voice.

Only she knows what I said.

Dennis Mantin

The MacIver House

The owner of ‘The ‘MacIver House’ is a man called John Arkell.

He’s happy with his summer home and he’s not going to sell.

It was a grand idea but all considered, its just as well.

I’ll rent beg borrow, not steal, cause you can’t unring that bell.

Dennis Mantin