Election Day

There was optimism at the terminal.

Hope and sunshine filled the air.

All the buses are running on time.

No counter has checked the fare.

All smiles and nods and greetings!

It’s almost too much to take.

I can sense a change in Government.

Not a difference it will make.

Dennis Mantin

Learning How To Take

You know I started slowly; never wanted just to fetch.

You seem so calculated, a disease I mustn’t catch.

It never seemed so worthy, just to take for takings sake.

I was holding out for something more as I was learning how to take.

Or maybe I’m a giver; you see Givers sometimes give.

My gift to you is that I’m gone, and now we both can live.

Dennis Mantin


She stepped into the barroom, I was sipping on my milk.

One of us in the wrong place, her voice like faded silk.

She said, ” I’m pretty sure I know you.” I said, “Yes your name is Sage.”

“I knew you when I was younger, when red hair was all the rage.”

She smiled but looked distant, no clear details to recall.

I left her on that barstool, not going back and that is all.

Dennis Mantin