The Experience Spiral

Wilf said,

“Life is a journey from point A to B… However, instead of thinking about the journey as a straight line; think of it as a spiral.” He continued. “Everytime we go around a day, a year, we gain experience and the spiral gives the straight line new meaning.

Dennis Mantin


I gave without a thought of repayment and when the return came years later… With reimbursement in hand, I thanked God, not so much for the money which was greatly needed and appreciated, but for that change in attitude.

Dennis Mantin


Harold said, “During the Depression, I worked from sunup until sundown, chopping down trees, up to my arse in snow for a dollar a day.”

I understood why they called it the depression.

Dennis Mantin

The Worried

I came from those who worried. I know they had good cause. Never late and always hurried. Obedience to rules and laws. Now they call me reckless. Of that I’m not as sure. I just didn’t see the risks. In the worry of being poor.

Dennis Mantin

Cart Before The Horse

It’s about order and wisdom and about of course, of course.

Don’t tell me about all you know and then put the cart before the horse.

Its ancient and outdated, antiquity for sure, for sure.

Its like when you give advice and I wonder why it is you’re poor.

Dennis Mantin


There’s a snowstorm in the city, in fact its cold as hell.

I’m going to see my baby and she’s not feeling well.

It’s warm I’m guessing somewhere, but I am staying here.

I know where I’m needed. That much to me is clear.

Dennis Mantin