I have learned that both are mostly true. The moments seared to my memory are equally the most monstrous and beautiful!

John Keats wrote that ‘Beauty is a joy forever’ and somewhere in my distant youth I heard some anonymous voice say that ‘ugliness goes to the bone.’

Dennis Mantin


There once was a girl named Maxwell.

Played young girls for rich sex and then fell.

She got arrested it’s true.       

Her freedom is through…          

But she’s friends with a Prince! Secrets sell?

Dennis Mantin


Dancing Wayne

There once was a dancer named Wayne

Who walked with a limp from his pain.   

He’d dance day and night.        

His feet faster than light.

Said, “The light in the tunnel a train.”

Dennis Mantin



The Charity Initiative

Wilf said, ” It’s not what you say or do… it is whether you can start thinking about her in a more charitable way.”

There are times when I am beneath this type of elevated grandiose spirituality and feel that I have reached my peak…

Then I see the face and eyes of my daughter and conceive of higher plateaus… In spite of me!

If I could treat others with the the same charity I have for my daughter… I fear I might be saintly!

Dennis Mantin


She was lovely in that sunshine. Said she was searching for a song.

It wasn’t the words or melody or the need for right or wrong.

She was searching for some meaning or a feeling in her heart.

But that train had left the station and it was tearing her apart.

I told her it’s time to kneel, when all else fails pray.

She thanked me for mansplaining and I just said ok.

Dennis Mantin