The Sign

The sign read Love is Forgiveness and that got me thinking about us.

Now I’m not sure I can soar that high without making it a fuss.

The prayers have been sent and there’s nothing but time here to kill.

Sometimes we have to accept or change before others can or will.Dennis Mantin


It’s early in the cycle and I’m waiting for my turn.

The warning is heard of taking flight near the sun where I could burn.

So I settled for mediocrity and patience is the key.

Didn’t have to wait to long as boredom sets me free.

I’m getting high now on adrenaline; it’s just a state of mind.

Where the one eyed man can still be king in the valley of the blind.

Dennis Mantin

Cold Turkey

After 10 years of Facebook influence, I have disengaged and it has just occurred to me that I have been 1 week removed from the constant barrage of mind numbing political and social opinion that I have loathed for so long…

I highly recommend this practice!

You will know a new freedom and a new happiness. You will be amazed before you are halfway through!

Dennis Mantin

Sleeping Dogs

The light is less now, the darkness more.

November fades to cold long nights under December’s icy stares.

100 long dark nights of solitude and that’s if we’re lucky.

Ah, but there’s Christmas!

Dennis Mantin

The Real Complaint

It’s all the rage on Monday, cause it helps them face their fear.

Distant memory of a Sunday, when choice was not so clear.

The need and want to stay in bed, would not last very long.

If you actually stayed there and didn’t share that bitter song.

They go silent now by Tuesday cause we’ve heard it all before.

If you don’t like your job then change is what’s in store.Dennis Mantin

He Sits Across The Road

He’s a beggar and he’s filthy and he sits across the road.

He’s shoeless and he stumbles, from the burden of his load.

I can’t see his burden but he’s carried it for years.

I’ve never seen him cry though I know he’s shed some tears.

He sits across the road as if he’s held there by a force.

Which is really quite invisible except for him of course.

There’s a mother or a lover or both you can be sure.

Someone got abandoned and for that there is no cure.

Except my few small dollars and the ease that drink it bring.

And for a few small moments that angels sing…

Dennis Mantin