The Score

You’ve have been sitting and watching!

Nothing else to do.

Sedentary without guilt or shame.

No need to feel blue.

You said you fear the bad men.

That terror in the heart.

They don’t fear your watchful eye.

Doesn’t faze or rip them apart.

He said, “The world does need these bad men.”

“Keeps other bad men from your door.”

Its the balance of light and darkness.

If indeed you’re keeping score.

No mention of the ladies?

There’s bad bitches too.

But you don’t see that coming.

That beauty blinds your view.

This tale is old and tested.

Desire is at the core.

If you don’t want something nice.

Then darkness wins the war.

Dennis Mantin

The Life Trap

That feeling of life slipping away…

Through fingers of time has somehow escaped me.

I don’t know why, however I do know it burdens you.

I see it in the lines of your face and feel it in the chill of your touch.

You feel as though life is a trap; no matter how many times I tell you no!

It is a gateway and what you do here matters.

Dennis Mantin


It’s grey and cool in limbo.

All signs they point to wait.

They say that school is no go.

So sad it is the fate.

The murmurs they are growing.

Once pain, now discontent.

Bad seeds these ill winds sowing.

Not broke, just badly bent.

Dennis Mantin

Spilt Milk

The worst night’s sleep in recent memory… headaches, (which are rare for me) body chills and shakes along with just a general sense of being off.

I have little doubt that there’s a connection to this and the covid vaccination I received yesterday.

A small sacrifice for the greater good? No use crying over spilt milk.

Dennis Mantin


At work there is this reason.

To rise, get out of bed.

Is warm and is the season.

To keep the Monsters fed.

No arrests, no grounds for treason.

Tis where the path has led.

If we only try to please one.

Then it’s you that’s in my head.

Dennis Mantin


Time is speeding up and I am slowing down and this reality is not a question of perception…

I used to be punished for not telling the truth and now live in a world where truth is avoided like the plaque.

The uncomfortable fears that I used to avoid I now stop for a look-see. At least until I am sure it will kill me… then I go.

Dennis Mantin

Easter Monday

There is sunshine in the morning.

The radio says no rain.

There’s a quiet in the universe.

That’s too peaceful to explain.

Maybe… cause of this here distance.

Of time and space and you.

And your memory it is farther now.

Than the chaos that we grew.

They say that Christ has risen.

I hope he’s doing fine.

I saw a smile in the glass today.

Not always a good sign.

Dennis Mantin