The I of Storm

I like it here.

The baths are warm.

I have survived.

The I of storm.

There is a peace.

A quiet pause.

You had to leave.

The way it was.

The danger felt.

Well it was old.

A kind of curse.

Where blood is cold.

I like it here.

The baths are warm.

Spirits smiled.

Have taken form.

Dennis Mantin


I’ve been strolling in the gardens.

Where luxury has her way.

I have been granted life’s great pardons.

Where time and money are at play.

Fortune shines her glories.

I don’t know why or how.

There have been other stores.

But History has them now.

Dennis Mantin

L.A. Woman Jim Morrison The Doors Fav Lyrics #28

Well I just got into town about an hour ago. Took a look around see which way the wind blow. Where the little girls in their Hollywood Bungalows.

Are you just a lucky lady in the city of night?

Or just another lost angel? City of night…

I see your hair is burnin.

Hills are on fire.

If they say I never loved you.

Then you know they are a liar.

Drivin down your freeways.

Midnight city roam.

Cops in cars, topless bars

Never saw a woman so alone.

So alone.

Dennis Mantin