The Legend of the Narcissist

No I never met her, she was legend around the Lake. Beautiful as a ballerina and colder than a snake.

They said no man could refuse her but some were glad they did. And the one she selected, is in a bottle where he hid.

Until his son came calling, “Dad now it is OK.”! I’m 16. She’s left for the coast, and her beauty’s gone away.

The moral of the story or so that I’ve been told, is head removal from your ass gets easier when you’re old.

Dennis Mantin

Family Day

It’s not the same as when I was a kid Thankfully!! Oh Dear God did I loathe family gatherings and that dreadful car ride to boredom.

I ask my daughter, “What do you want to do?” Today she wants to pick up kitty litter for her cats.

As you wish…

Dennis Mantin

Brain Surgery

Tom is a new friend I’ve known for less than a year, from the gym. I hadn’t seen him for a few weeks. He said, “I had emergency brain surgery a couple weeks ago. They said I must have bumped my head but I don’t remember. I was bleeding in my skull. I’m lucky to be alive… I know I should feel different than before, but I don’t.”

I told him I understood.

It’s funny how when I turned 60, I just seemed to accept for the first time that the end was inevitable and I seemed, like Tom, to accept that.

Dennis Mantin

The Ides of February

Valentine’s day is over and the chill has lost its cold.

The romance isn’t over but the truth has not been told.

I loved her for her beauty and I still live alone.

Her smile was on the surface with ugly to the bone.

The old girl said “don’t worry… there’s many in the sea.”

I said, “I’m not worried, I like my company.”

Dennis Mantin

The Wash

The fear washed over her and never went away.

Stayed in awe and wonder forever till this day.

No amount of wisdom or joy or music played.

Could ever wash away the stench and on my knees I prayed.

It’s conscience and its knowledge that someday you die.

And if it’s not today my love then wash those tears you cry.

Dennis Mantin

Valentine’s Day 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011, I did my finest work… My daughter conceived. So romantic the image in my head! Yet, still I never imagined the absolute beauty of my dreams fulfilled!

My relationship with her mother never recovered from such a lofty ideal and you my dear replaced for each of us the joy we were missing and speaking only for myself… I regret nothing my love. I am so pleased and grateful to have you in my life.

Dennis Mantin