The bad luck raised suspicions, on a path that was beat down.

No one dared to look within or see the wise men in the town.

It was happening for eons, as long as Grandad could recall.

Like a dark foreboding plank walk or a dream in which you fall.

Until the child spoke her words that, “Maybe somethings wrong with me?”

So we made a meeting with the Doc, down at Family Psychiatry.

The doctor raised awareness and we all took a look.

Things are looking so good now, might take Grandma off the hook.

Now life is far from perfect however the family’s not so sad.

Looking in the mirror, not blaming blind luck, good or bad.

Dennis Mantin

Shot Down (2005)

Another day, sundown.
Another night, sundown.
Orange to black, sundown.
Fades to midnight blue.
There’s nothing I can’t do.

And here comes the night
And I don’t know why
I hear your voice
And I lose my way.
Where are you now?
Can I touch you somehow?
You’re somewhere near sleep where images fade.
And here comes the sun.
Another night is done.
Here comes the sun.
And here I go again.

Saw the man, shot down.
Heard his voice, shot down . Eyes rolled white, shot down. Breathe goodbye that sound. Fades to midnight blue. There’s nothing I can do.

Another day shot down.
Another night shot down.
Orange to black.
Shot down.
Fades to midnight blue.
There’s nothing I can do.


Esoteric Useless

The internet makes the world small. She threw the word Useless my way from Hong Kong…

Without a clue of how that word is so Esoteric or Useless in my world.

I grew up with psychopaths who reminded children daily that they were USELESS as tits on a bull.

Did she think she could carve me with such a dull word as useless? As if I don’t know my own worth. Did she think her beauty that powerful? The internet draws the delusions of the world into manageable sized pieces…

Don’t you think?

Dennis Mantin

The Golden Rule

Steven Jacks died on Thursday in the morning a.m. at four.

He died while he was sleeping. He’s not coming back no more.

Maria is a social worker down at my daughter’s school.

Maria shit the bed today and she broke The Golden Rule.

It’s been that kind of week. I’ve been restless in my head.

Taking on all challenges. We just pray and bury dead.

Steven was a native. Walked barefoot in his pain.

He said he loved my daughter and she loved him back again.

Maria make fake smiles. And for her actions makes excuse.

She’s supposed to help the children and not aid in their abuse.

It’s been that kind of week. I’ve been restless in my head.

Taking on all challenges. We just pray and bury dead.

Dennis Mantin

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I said this to my daughter, which brought a look of… confusion. A ‘what does he mean by that’ look.

“It means.” I told her. “Dogs that are sleeping are more unpredictable if woken up suddenly. And if something is not causing a problem for you, then probably not a great idea to bring it up or remind the person who might be bothered by whatever it is you bring up.”

A social worker of my daughter who was removed from having anything to do with my kid and told to stay away decided to not mind her own business just woke up the Dog.

Everyone involved will be more educated when this one drifts back to slumber…

Next week I’ll tell her about not playing with the Bull!!

Dennis Mantin

The Edges

The Edges lifted slowly.

Saw something in their eyes.

They were choosing words so carefully.

Building manufactured lies.

I was less than loose and goosy.

And more than just a breeze.

I was feeling cruel and dangerous.

With a glare not meant to please.

They were nervous from the get go.

I was feeling filthy right.

And left them in their misery.

To contemplate their plight.

Dennis Mantin

The Psychotic Break

Watching behavior that defies all logic from people in professional positions, requires the ability to look outside the box and investigate the possibilities of addiction issues or a psychotic break… in my humble opinion; and the possibility exists that there is nothing humble about me.

My initial reaction is anger and although understandable, I have now at least begun to try to reframe a situation into:

‘Is this a cry for help?’

My daughters school counselor was removed from counseling my daughter with the agreement that she has been replaced from these duties and will have nothing to do with my daughter going forward…


Yesterday she talked to my daughters teacher who knew nothing about the agreement that the counselor was to have nothing to do with my daughter, and was asking questions and offering her professional advice.

The fact that my daughter reported physical abuse to this counselor and she did not report this abuse and did nothing other than protect the adult parent abuser is at the forefront of her being from having anything to do with my girl.

Why would someone do that when for a year she’s had no contact? Did she forget that she had a meeting with me, her supervisor, and the principal to inform her that she was to cease having anything to do with my child?

Or has she heard from another student that my daughter has said something negative about ‘That B%#ch Counselor’ towards other children she is counseling. My theory is yes!

Dennis Mantin