The bad luck raised suspicions, on a path that was beat down.

No one dared to look within or see the wise men in the town.

It was happening for eons, as long as Grandad could recall.

Like a dark foreboding plank walk or a dream in which you fall.

Until the child spoke her words that, “Maybe somethings wrong with me?”

So we made a meeting with the Doc, down at the Family Psychiatry.

The doctor raised awareness and we all took a look.

Things are looking so good now, might take Grandma off the hook.

Now life is far from perfect however the family’s not so sad.

Looking in the mirror, not blaming blind luck, good or bad.

Dennis Mantin

Baby Loves Clowns (1995)

I don’t know why my baby loves clowns.
Whose painted on tears never fall down.
I don’t know what she sees in their eyes
Perhaps the line between horror/surprise…

I don’t know why my baby can’t sing.
Why carnival music isn’t her thing.
It fills my head when I’m at the fair.
Searching for clues in clowns everywhere.

I don’t know why she screams at night.
I hope it’s not why she holds me so tight.
Because I’m the type I’m weak for love.
Carnival music I rise above.

Is it the pain or is it the tears?
For some carnival crime from yesteryears.
Maybe it’s you, maybe I’ll never know.
Maybe it’s me, baby let go.


Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings horses and all the kings men.
Tried and they tried but she fell down again.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
She went to her shrink ended up at the mall.
Humpty Dumpty wanted it all.

Dennis Mantin

The Voice

The day the voice moved in with me, he brought his good friend fear.
Said ‘We all share your heart and soul you’ll soon forget we’re here.’
The day the voice moved in with me, peace and sleep moved out.
The addict he was at the door, and the voice he jumped to shout.

Said, ‘We like you we like it here, we know you like us too
And we know you’ll like our friends, cause true friends are so few.’
The voice would talk for hours about nothing much at all.
And all the noise would wake the fear and the drunk would wake withdrawal.

Years had passed in tears and stains and I had to kill the fear.
The voice he left in the middle of the night, said he didn’t like it here.
The voice returns sometimes when I sleep but he’s gone when I’m awake.
The strength it took to kill the fear was more than he could take.

And the drunk is with the addict and they live from coast to coast. And sometimes when I pray to God, I pray you’re not their host.
Singing, ‘We like you, we like it here, we know you like us too. And we know you’ll like our friends cause true friends are so few.

–Dennis Mantin

The Chances Store

Chances were the premium at the chances store.
Called up their proprietor and asked for just one more.
Inside information suggested relocate.
When they closed the chances store, it sealed the users fate.
With no plans for the future and the future, it is here.
Who knew that the sun would rise and whisper last nights fear?
So we headed for the highway, which ended at the light.
Looked upon arrival, no chances store in sight.
Searching for the answers that will ease the fears.
Some will stand there crying and find few are buying tears.
All are someone’s baby lost along the way.
Strangers and sojourners who have lost the need to pray.
And I say, “Pray”

Dennis Mantin


It takes a lot to get me excited now…

Which  is such a departure from my youth, when almost anything could get a rise.

Back then, I always had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t shut down my racing mind! It’s not why I drank so much alcohol. However, that did help me to get some sleep…

I had trouble sleeping last night at first; which is weird because for years, I slept so well. I had a final meeting with the editor who signed off on my novel!

I’m excited. I’m about to be published. I’ve waited a long time. I am ready.

At the bus stop at 5:15 a.m. a very charming homeless man just told he wrote a joke: He said, “Why did the banana speak to the prune? Because he couldn’t get a date.” I smiled, and then he said he was trying to get enough for a coffee. Things are looking up.

Dennis Mantin


I stay quiet like the stone wall.

No squeaks or cracks are found.

And no changes will be drafted.

In my mind, as it goes round.

I’ve been listening at the altar.

And those words are crystal clear.

There’s a memory of confusion.

A drum and trumpet I can hear.

Things are greater than a mystery.

And holy at the source.

But I don’t need to tell you that.

You know all! Of course. Of course.

There’s no crime in being ignorant.

No stain, in ‘I don’t know.’

But you’ve got to stop pretending.

There’s no win in place or show.

Dennis Mantin

Smile As They Kill

Is so unfortunate…

What it takes to give you a thrill.

I have learned not to trust.

Those who can smile as they kill?

Impersonation, cat fishing, and who you gonna be?

Hide behind computer screens, and no one is gonna see.

It all gets so unusual all these things you need to say.

You know I kinda get it now. All this time, you got to play.

It’s just so unfortunate.

What it takes to get your thrill.

I have learned now not to trust.

Those who can smile as they kill.

Dennis Mantin