The January Freeze

Still early on in January, the air is painful chill.

The roads are barren empty, I am taking in my fill.

No news, no useless drama, no opinions of the damned.

Don’t need to hear those voices and all that they have planned.

There is a rustle in the hedgerows, I’m peering for a look.

I’m thinking not my business, and it’s back to tea and book.

Dennis Mantin

The Doctor And The Lawyer And Gord.

Not every kid becomes a Doctor or a Lawyer. However, this must be the desire and choice that parents made where I grew up. For there Seemed to me to be this unholy competition amongst the mothers I came across for greater things to come for their little Johnny’s.

My best friend had an Aunt whom would visit his family each summer. We lived in the country side and her being from the city, she would tell us kids of her and her families great accomplishments.

Her 2 sons, as you probably guessed were; one was a Doctor and one was a lawyer.

The first job I had in the city after I left the country was moving furniture, and one of the guys working with me was a few years older than me and he was childhood friends with the Doctor and the Lawyer; and his name was Gord.

Gord and I would move furniture all day, and then go to the bar at night and drink and tell stories.

Gord was the first pure Thief I ever met. What I liked most about Gord was his pure honesty about his own shortcomings; He never made any excuses about who and what he was. An alcoholic drug addict furniture moving Thief.

I told him that my best friend growing up was the nephew of the mother of his childhood friends, The Doctor and The Lawyer.

Gord laughed and said, “I’m a Thief, but the man you referred to as the Lawyer; is the worst Thief I ever saw. He couldn’t help himself. It’s just who he is. He has done so much prison time… He is institutionalized. And his Doctor brother? No. He’s just a drug addict.”

My friend Gord was a great education. Not every kid grows up to be a Doctor or a Lawyer.

Dennis Mantin


Batman going crazy, he’s been angered since his youth.

And Superboy came out as gay, saying goodbye old phone booth.

The Joker feels normal now, like Matthew Mathers spitting truth.

The Myth-Men seem so human.

Clarke Kent hides behind a curl.

The Aliens are all the rage.

Only Star-Lord gets the girl.

Dennis Mantin


Women have fascinated me for much of my life. Early on, I had this deep need to understand them or me or me with them, either through observation or dare I say love?

However, through time, either the need has passed or I just accepted my own failures in this regard and have just moved on to parenting.

Dennis Mantin


I recognized my nature.

Not much was steeped in good.

There was this strange sensation.

Like maybe I just should.

Forget it all and start a new.

Take the narrow view to wide.

Take my head out from my ass.

And maybe look outside.

Not all is gain or glory.

Not all is pain and strife.

The road the path the choices made.

It’s a wild ride this life.

Dennis Mantin