Toll Collector

He counts the change bored out of his mind, counting days, hours, minutes, seconds… all for a paycheck until the sweet escape!

Imagining the hours of study and stress of exams amidst the shouting and expectations of parents to end up here counting the coins of subway travelers on their way to somewhere?

Dennis Mantin

Magic Love

It was magic.

It was love.

It was all.

I was dreaming of.

Nothing ventured.

Something gained.

Peaked to soon.

Myth explained.

I was young.

Couldn’t know.

So many miles.

Left to go.

No regrets?

Maybe few.

Happy is.

A daughter grew.

Now I’m old.

Oh so wise.

See it all.

In her eyes 👀

Dennis Mantin

Attention Span

My attention span seems to be lessening. Maybe I’m synchronizing with the rest of the world and their lizard like rapid eyes watching/turning for what moves within their technological grasp.

I am only reading Bukowski 1 chapter at a time now.




The breeze is light and warm here in the shady side of life.

Dennis Mantin