The Truth

She said she was into family history… I knew she’d not heard my version. Being old, I was concerned about shocking her. I weighed the moment and delivered the truth. She said she believed it all and we concluded that dealing with the truth was superior to not.

Dennis Mantin

Magnified Perspective

I bought a magnifying glass today to study photographs of me and my surroundings as a child. What was I holding? What was the name of that book that I have zero recollection of? Signs of aging no doubt and the last time I saw this photo as I child I was horrified by how skinny I was. Now I just see me as normal.

Dennis Mantin


They are counting calories and whining about screen time and can’t stop chatting about something called gluten free…

I just thank God I have other things to occupy my mind and that I am not they.

Dennis Mantin

The Written Word

It has taken a long time to learn to stop talking and just write it down.

I used to think people lied, however now I realize that they actually believe what they say, so they’re really not lying at all.

Communication is the key and I have learned thanks to my few delusional teachers… Thank you one and all for your undeniable humanity.

Dennis Mantin


She said she was a dancer. I said I didn’t care. I didn’t use my big boy words. Just a cold and distant stare.

Then I saw her smile. I said I kinda like your shoes. She’s been hanging around awhile. Now I have that dancers blues.

Dennis Mantin