Drama 2022

Her words were all confusion.

Her drama was the lead.

She confessed with some delusion.

Sides of saliva, spit and bleed.

I wasn’t getting any younger.

I had heard it all before.

In the court they tried and hung her.

I couldn’t listen anymore.

I left, am not returning.

There’s a lesson I have learned.

I’ll be minding my own business.

Fooled once and twice be burned.

Dennis Mantin

Memory Foam

I was tired from the outset.

My brain had just shut down.

We were waiting for the time change.

All the warmth had just left town.

I was living near the freeway..

With small beds of memory foam.

There was nothing to remember.

And no hair was left to comb.

When I tripped on your umbrella

You were huddled under rain.

I was hungry and delirious

I was buckling from the strain.

Then this sound that was like singing.

Soundd like a thing that you might keep.

And I faded off to dream world.

In a deep and monstrous sleep.

Dennis Mantin


The Unknown

The Unknown is a bastard.

In the shadows of the morn.

The used to be much larger.

When I was barely born.

The Unknown are surprises.

No preparing will suffice.

If the sun at east she rises.

You’ve a chance and don’t think twice.

Dennis Mantin

Off The Meds

There is spittle and there’s spittin… They be pointing at some heads.

They be spinning and be fumin.When the natives off his meds.

He is mad and he is large. He is all angry, dressed in yellow.

He is quiet, then he is loud. There’s no mistaken that’s the fellow.

He be angry, he be mean.  When he argues, its call the feds.

Because no one wants to deal with that man who’s off his meds.

Dennis Mantin

Ned’s Window

There’s a space in the upstairs bedroom window I leave open; big enough for Ned the cat to jump in and out as required. This was not designed for Ned… I like the fresh air.

I wake up before the alarm now most mornings at 6 and feed Ned.

Ned is in now and asleep on the most comfortable chair downstairs. He reminds me of me in my teenage years and 20’s: up all night sleep all day, have someone feed me and gone again… don’t pay rent.

She will be awake soon and she will say that Ned is hers…

She will go to school. I will write and Ned will sleep intermittently.

Dennis Mantin


My boots they needed polish. It was shine they wouldn’t get.

My mind it drifted off somewhere, I was in Bali or Tibet.

There was a woman in some sandals. Her hair was wet and black.

She smiled and looked friendly, then my memory it went back.

To that time I was barefooted, so hot that I had to run.

There was sand and sea and hopes and dreams and life had just begun.

Now I’m washing dishes and packing lunches for her school.

Funny how it all worked out, a life so sweet and far from cruel.

Dennis Mantin

Menopause-The Ides of September Cool

The weather changed, but there is no hardened rule.

You can put away the summer shorts, with the Ides of September Cool.

My friend is starting menopause, she will break out in a swet.

She is begging for the coolness, that September Cool will get.

The crazies are getting louder now, they’ve gone from cool to strange.

They’ve been praying to some Diety, and praying hard for change.

Dennis Mantin


I get nervous when the usually quiet crazies go loud…

What could cause the change?

After years of saying nothing; just staring off into space is replaced with yelling well scripted insults at whomever and speaking with witchy hand gestures to beings I don’t see; is a bit off putting.

What has caused the change?

Do they know something I don’t?

Perhaps more will be revealed today.

Always something to look forward to!