Good Friday

I’m sleeping in the morning. They hung Jesus on the cross…

Someone sold a chocolate bunny… My mind drifts at dental floss.

Still cold now in the valley, frost hangs high now on the dew.

The morning sun shines higher. Regrets are far and few.

The kid is eating chocolate, Jesus rises in 3 days.

I’ll be back to work on Monday. God willing, the fiddler plays.

Dennis Mantin

The Forgiveness

I forgive you!

Not because I am so spiritual or high and mighty; noooo!

And I forgive you not because I believe that you are more sick mentally than you are evil… and yes I do think that this is true.

I forgive you because I know that my forgiveness will bother you.

Dennis Mantin

The Harbor Light

The light is in the harbor there and it sure is growing dim.

All time is revving forward at a pace that keeps us slim.

No more going backwards, all our focus is on now.

You take what they will let you but you can’t choose somehow.

It’s coming and it don’t care, about what you do or think.

They said said it passes quickly like a fraction of a blink.

It seems you’re being punished, yet you have done no crime.

You can just relax now, you have nothing left but time.

Dennis Mantin


I don’t want to come off sounding like I have this whole thing figured out for that would shatter the thinnest of veils of humility, carefully created to mask something less virtuous; however…

This experience that she is providing; if this is indeed a test then I feel up to task.

I am in these moments, now, one breath, one moment at a time, doing the next right thing.

My greatest pain in my ass is my greatest teacher.

Bet you never saw that one coming?

Dennis Mantin

The Rain

It’s raining in the valley.

Everything is getting wet.

Except her love for me, you see.

I tried but could not get.

It’s raining in the highlands.

I’m thinking in old song.

Even babies raised by wolves.

Know when they don’t belong.

The rains a distant memory.

Thinking about traveling to the coast.

I live sometimes just in my mind.

It’s the rain I miss the most.

Dennis Mantin