The Tolerance

You make it the best you can…

Grinding it out somedays, one foot in front of the other.

I am thankful for those that can raise the bar of the tolerance to bearable and sometimes to a smile and beyond.

Thank you Ben.Dennis Mantin

The Clearing

There’s a clearing up ahead there.

I sense it more than see… Away from the drama, fear and insanity. I will take refuge there in the future that doesn’t exist; where there is peace and calm; reasonableness and sane thinking…

I will meditate on that.Dennis Mantin

The Seduction

I suck at seduction.

Always have.

The idea seems foreign to me…

Not unlike a con with a musical score!

Seems like the opposite of honesty.

Maybe I’ve missed something along the way, a vague teaching of some sort shining light on a subtle wisdom.

Alas.Dennis Mantin

All Jokes Aside

It is difficult at best to be constantly dealing with someone else’s insanity.

It is exhausting and far from anything enjoyable.

The only possible way to deal with this in a civil manner is to bring as many adults into the situation as possible; no matter the cost.

Dennis Mantin

Turquoise Blue

Loved her from a distance and took her from the cold.

She left me for another and left me feeling old.

She left me in the passions, my balls were turquoise blue.

I had finally passed the test of learning nothing new.

Is no harm in trying, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have learned I’m human, no wisdoms are obtained.

Dennis Mantin

Now or Never

It felt like now or never, this drama in the head.

I wasn’t being clever, I turned to you instead.

You my wisest friend, you often grant me pause.

To just sit with these thoughts and shut my mouth because…

Dennis Mantin