Local Market

I ventured out to my local market for a morning shop.

A man standing on Queen Street at Lansdowne is pissing into the street in full view of a streetcar. His piss is dribbling over his hands, and onto his pants and then on Queen Street.

A sign on the door of the Local Market states ‘if you are sick please do not enter.’ I enter with no other customers here.

I go home with my apples and flowers…

Dennis Mantin


The banks are closed now when normally they would be open.

The streets are occupied by as many people wearing masks as those who don’t, however there are more people on the streets than one might imagine during a lockdown quarantine for a pandemic.

I understand the banks reaction and even the mask wearers are not without merit… however not leaving one package of toilet paper for someone else is not going to be easily forgotten when we are slapping ourselves on the back at some point in the future for a job well done.

Dennis Mantin

Social Distancing

I made it to the coffee shop and several acquaintances were there distancing themselves from each other and me with expressions somewhere between fear and shame.

I order my coffee and leave. It’s awkward at best and living alone seems so much like I was ahead of the curve on this one… Does this sound like bragging?

Week 2 of this thing has begun.

Dennis Mantin