Thursday in Quarantine

It’s Thursday now in Quarantine. I’m lost deep within my mind.

Thinking about something said… Without a face to find.

It’s something about someone that we both used to know.

Somewhere down somewhere deep. Deep down that rabbit hole.

It’s darker than the shadows and it’s colder than the night.

It’s open to suspicion. Interpretation is the blight.

I wake up in my coffee and come back here to now.

It’s a one way ticket. No refunds do they allow.

It’s testing and it’s grading. No posers taking stance.

It’s distant and it’s real. Letting go is our best chance.

Dennis Mantin


Life was mired in the drama.

Lost in pain and strife.

It got tired like that threesome.

Which one of you is wife?

They talk of hole in doughnut.

The one they can’t fill.

Happiness is all the rage.

Choose your poison. Get your fill.

It’s darker now at midnight.

Can’t sleep till almost dawn.

Seems like sometimes such a waste.

Then puff… It’s done and gone.

So now it’s all eternal.

All spirit, love and God.

It may be time to just let go…

Smile wave and nod.

Dennis Mantin