She Said

She said she dreams in color.

I heard her whisper in the dark.

Said something sounded funny.

Her laughter lights a spark.

A spark that makes me smile.

So I guess that this means love.

A feeling that’s incomparable.

Nor something I speak of.

She told me that she loves me.

And I just think she might.

Cause she said it when she’s dreaming.

In the darkness at dim light.

Dennis Mantin


The sun dropped to horizon.

The night fell from the sky.

The worry came upon us.

Like a fear that would not die.

We listen to these moments.

For the truth is in the sound.

And the music plays at heart strings.

In the shadows love is found.

Dennis Mantin

Vitamin D

It is sunshine in mid February…. Vitamin D is in my mind.

A sad and tortured memory has lingered there ‘in kind’.

Sometimes I have these moments, I relive and think of us.

I do my best in letting go, trying to diminish all the fuss.

If I can sit there quiet and give those thoughts no say.

They disappear and just like that, we live another day.

Dennis Mantin

The Annoyed

I say I am annoyed when really what it is, is ANGRY.

I have become very good at hiding this due to the fact that so few can deal with ANGER.

It is somewhat annoying that due to the inability and shortcomings of others that I have to adapt… But isn’t that just the world we live in?

Dennis Mantin

The Absurdity

The Absurdity is in the hand wringing… The worry, strife and sorrow.

The furrowed brows, the panicked fears, the big plans for tomorrow.

I wish I knew this earlier, a regret of wasted time.

Not learning to laugh sooner in the gutters and the rhyme.

Better late than never is as close to no as yes.

No one’s getting out alive, unless I’m wrong a guess.

Dennis Mantin


It is still now in the sunshine. With the cold we take a rest.

Never one for patience or that gift to know what’s best.

We wait it out or blunder and that might look the same.

Somehow we made it this far. Still in this wonder game.

Dennis Mantin

Legends Never Die

My friend Victor died a few years ago and last night I saw him and talked to him in a dream and I have never had this type of experience before. I just want to record this and acknowledge that this happened. In my dream, not knowing it was a dream I embraced him and told him that I missed him and began to cry.

Then I woke up and remembered this clear as a bell!

Dennis Mantin

Double Masks

It’s double masks in the morning, get a break at mealtime.

We take them off to feed and breathe and recall the past sublime.

A past in which we still complained however never once of this.

No more public washrooms… it’s those little things I miss.

We plan a little better, or we feel our way by touch.

Staying silent and hold it in… the masks they hide so much.

Dennis Mantin