Dexter Lee AWOL 

We drank together and told each other story; mainly I listened. One night he started to cry which I had never seen before… unless it was coming from me…

He told me he was AWOL from the army and he feared getting caught and going to military prison.  He said,  ” I had this vein that was outside of my leg, its a condition, it looks painful but it isn’t. They missed it on my medical, so in basic training we do a 10 mile run and everyone has to do the run in a  certain time or if one person fails… everyone has to redo the run. So on the first mile, I faked a leg injury and the rest of the company had to carry me on a gurney. As one group passed me to the next  I’d tell jokes and ask everyone how they were doing.  We didn’t finish on time and everyone wanted to kill me because they knew I was faking it. I went to see the Doctor who signed the surgery papers to  correct the vein problem. The General hated me but had to sign the paperwork. I limped into his office with a cane. On the way back to a waiting car, his office overlooked the 300 foot path to the car and I knew he’d be watching… so I started clicking my heels together and tapping the cane to my head ala Charlie Chaplin. I went to have the operation then went AWOL… Dexter’s not my real name. ”

“This answers alot of questions, why do you do these things to yourself?”

“I don’t know,  maybe for shits and giggles.”

Dennis Mantin 

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