Maltese Al (Act 2)

When Al’s son Mark was 1and 1/2, his mother caught her husband Al having sex with the babysitter. She hit Al over the head with a cast iron frying pan and packed up her children and a bag and left. Al told me, “It was just like the cartoons… I saw stars and everything.”

That night she returned to the home, to pack some things, knowing full well that Al would be passed out drunk on the Chesterfield. She found a can of easy off oven cleaner and with the brush applicator… applied the chemical cleaner to Al’s cock and balls. 

Al slept like that passed out for hours. 

When he woke and saw the can of easy off oven cleaner beside him and the state of his privates,  he showered and dressed and went to the police station. There he dropped his pants upon arrival and cried to whoever was present, “Look…look what she did to me!” 

Al told me with some reverence, “She was the only woman I could never control. ”

He sold his business and moved to Malta. 20 years later he returned, almost broke and looked up his son Mark who now owned a triplex and other properties. 

This is when I happened on the scene.

Dennis Mantin 

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