The sun is rising again in the east.            Once more the opportunity to witness.    On the ride to work only 2 people asked me for money; once at the bus stop in the dark and later on in the streetcar under lighter skies…

The first time I ever saw anyone bum money from strangers was in Banff in the winter when I was barely 20. It was a large man with an accent and long hair and a beard and I swore I would never do that… I hadn’t eaten in 5 days and I swore, never!

Yesterday I spoke with someone I have not seen in almost 3 decades and the world appears to have not ended; the sky is gaining in pinks and purple. 

Ernestine called him Unc, her uncle Harold. I grew up with him on his farm with my mother until she died and you never go hungry on a farm…  

A humble pride is in the offering with all the pains and trials and tribulations ; but hungry, no.

It’s quiet at this time of the morning except between the ears. There there’s a stirring  before the brightness and gifts of the day.

Dennis Mantin 

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