Daughters chance everything… Sons probably change everything too, however I don’t have one of those,  so I don’t know. 

When her Mom was pregnant with her, almost everyone said she would be a boy because of the way her mother was carrying her. 

I would like to point out the obvious here that most people were wrong which is the statistical certainty I travel with… so much background noise that serves what purpose? I don’t know… 

I have lost the need to point out my statistical analysis on a person to person individual basis which is probably the greatest change I can thank my daughter for; my perspectives of what’s important have taken a 180.

I didn’t grow up with sisters and I confess I really didn’t know the female mind and ways until my daughter was born and daily she educates me to these mysteries to something more than I don’t know. 

Dennis Mantin 

One thought on “Daughters 

  1. glen avigdor

    Dennis, I have known you for many years now. I would like to point out that so few show such a marked degree of real change. When I have the pleasure of encountering a person doing an about face,it brings a smile to my face. Humility is not thinking less about yourself, but thinking about yourself less.Kudos to you friend. Glen.


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