I am the  father of a 6 year old girl.By multiple accounts a good father. The main reason for this fact is I believe; I made a decision before she was born that our relationship would be based on TRUST. 

I grew up without a father and children who experience this phenomenon endure behaviours from their peers and others that wouldn’t be available if Daddy were around. CONSEQUENCES. 

The first week in May, which is tradition now, because I have done so for the last 2 years;  I don’t work so I can take my daughter to lunch that week. My report from Tuesday past. 

” I  am no longer friends with Zoe… She ignored me all recess.”

” I will tell you something you don’t know. I  know you love Zoe… but you shouldn’t give her that kind of power. Tell her your feelings are hurt at being ignored.”

” I  just want an apology Dad.”

” Tell her that. ”

When we returned to the schoolyard, Zoe was playing with her friends and their eyes met at a safe distance and Zoe scrunched her face and said to Zylia. 

“Would you come to the bathroom with me? ”

Zylia squealed and threw her arms around Zoe

” YES! ”

I faded away happy in the moments. 

Dennis Mantin 

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