I  learned to meditate in prison from an old convict named Jack Miller.           When I could melt the bars away he taught me the rules of life…                       
” Everybody goes through life thinking they don’t have to live by any rules… I’m here ta tell ya, yur gonna have ta live by 2 rules. Everyone knows rule number 1, however few know rule number 2; and rule number 2 is never shit in your own nest. ”

“What’s rule number 1?”

” I’m glad you asked. It depends on what you are. If you’re a criminal like me then it’s never get caught. If you’re a civilian, then it’s some version of do no harm to others. ”

I confessed. “I think I’m a civilian. ”

Jack smiled, ” For you my friend, I think that would be wise.”

Neither one of us ever went back.  I was 20 and Jack was 60.

Dennis Mantin 

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