The Prayer Warrior 

Fred was a Holy Man.  A prayer warrior is what he called himself. He’d pray for 4 hours a day, sometimes 12.

I’d heard about this Holy Man on George street in December of 1987 after a 2 week stay at Seaton House, a hostel that houses 500 men.  I referred to Seaton House as prison with knives, but I was young and afraid.

For 4 dollars a night I got to stay in what was called the ‘School House’, beside Seaton House, which housed about 40 men on 2 floors. You were assigned a bed and you could leave whatever processions you had under the bed and nobody would steal from you.

I was placed on the first floor and I heard Fred Meison the Holy Man stayed on the 2nd floor. 

I snuck upstairs in the middle of the night not exactly sure of what or who I would find when all of a sudden this form rose up in front of me.  Fred’s arms swinging above his head and as quickly as he appeared, he vanished from view behind his bunk bed.

I introduced myself the next day and we walked the earth for a few years, generally always happy to see each other before drifting apart. 

He reintroduced me to God and Jesus and taught me how to pray and introduced me to Paul Fournier. 

I heard today he died 3 years ago…

If anyone’s in heaven, I  am certain Fred Meison it is you.

Cheers and warm regards Dennis Mantin 

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