Next Right Thing

I could sit here wishing on rainbows.

Not going to change that I can’t sing.

So I keep on rhyming here and writing.

Looking for the Next Right Thing

I could accept you, but the pain shows.

That’s not something that I can bring.

I carried that, and that’s not nothing.

Got me here, the Next Right Thing.

I still don’t know how the story goes.

Something like a prayer and a wing.

I’ve always had that innocence.

Like a child, the Next Right Thing.

Got no worries, just an afterglow.

The kind that light can bring.

There is something here that I don’t know.

It just accepts the Next Right Thing.

There are moments in the gutter.

Where only angels sing.

Singing songs of love and wonder.

Dreaming of The Next Right Thing.

Dennis Mantin

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