The Computer Push

My credit card company is at the forefront of efforts to get me to interact with  computers…

The grocery store down the street, the drugstore, and the dollar store have all invested heavily in self checkouts. These are the most apparent signs I see of a society in disintegration. The removal of minimum wage jobs through technology, benefitting students, single parents, and the elderly.

I am certainly not the first to make this observation. However, judging by the number of people I see using self checkouts; either people don’t care about this or they are unaware of the consequences?

Dennis Mantin

One thought on “The Computer Push

  1. Tubularsock has jumped to using CASH only. Surprising it still works. Some of Tubularsock’s friends often ask, “What happens if you don’t have enough cash?”

    Then Tubularsock doesn’t buy it! They all are taken back by this novel idea.


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