Remember Why Vanilla Plain

Remember things you knew nothing about? Didn’t stop you from asking why?

And they told you that you were childish. Remember? You held back the need to cry.

You sucked it up, and you held it down. Because you get tougher as you go.

Well, here we are once again. Remember. You are always going to wanna know.

Let it be. Let them play. Let them be what they want to do.

It doesn’t hurt. They just flirt. It’s got nothing about me and you.

You just be never, never mind. Your business has gone cold.

You be lucky when you find. Left you breathing like you’re old.

Things they changed. Rearranged. And they’ll come back again.

You don’t know. You let that go. You are nothing but vanilla plain.

Vanilla plain was popular. I still give it a good go.

You don’t be asking for permission. It’s best that they don’t know.

Dennis Mantin

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