Kindness As A Weakness

Kindness is a confusing trait, especially coming from large, capable men. Being a skinny kid without a father, I learned kindness as a necessary survival tool: which worked brilliantly; except for the psychopaths and bully’s who were drawn to kindness like moths to flame.

Later, to dumb for words and having grown physically into one of those large capable men, I still carried my kindness survival kit with me. Which often caused confusion with those who had a difficult childhood and the psychopaths.

Once, with someone who had a difficult childhood and probably psychopathic, and whom I let get close, she said: “You are the kindest most generous man I have ever known.” When I asked her why she spread lies about me and said that I’m abusive, she answered. “Your kindness and generosity prove your abusiveness… nobody could be that kind.”

Which is a very enlightening sentence! I feel quite honored to receive such an education.

In conclusion, I have decided to remain kind to those I have known previously and have been able to fool successfully. The rest of you can go fuck yourselves!

Happy New Years MoFu’s!

Dennis Mantin

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