You couldn’t see The War inside. But it raged here, on and on.

You didn’t want to stick around. Loved your smile and the con.

You could bring us more than that? More than what you’re known for.

But you like tears and words like change. Such performance with no crowd roar.

You told your friends of victory and they spoke it all to me.

You were dancing to the drummer and you thought those songs were free.

There’s forgiveness and there’s virtues. Then there’s something more like this.

And there’s something you can find it here. But you blinked twice just to miss.

There’s a mystery and there is a riddle. There was honor in all those clues. 

Chosing war you couldn’t win. Didn’t prepare you for when you lose.

I remember when you were smiling. Arrogance painted on that grin.

It just feels so damn Biblical to see angels dancing on a pin.

Dennis Mantin

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