The Break In

I was renting a Bachelor Apartment on Broadview and had been sober for a year and working.

My first furniture purchase was a large cedar trunk and in this trunk I kept a baseball and hockey card collection as well as a Camera.

These were the things taken in the break in. I found a key that the Thief had left behind with a tag that had my address and apartment number written on.

I confronted the owner of this building and his body language suggested to me that he either did or knew who did. I was having trouble letting go of that rage.

I moved again.

I couldn’t let go of the fact that all my work was for nothing. That anything I worked for could be just stolen by someone else. That I hadn’t even thought about getting insurance. I felt vulnerable and stupid. I couldn’t get that look off my face. It was about this time that someone told me that this might be how most people felt most of the time and maybe I should get over it. I began looking at the break in as a gift to my education.

I let that shit go and moved on.

Somewhere west.

Dennis Mantin

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