The Blind Date

I met her through a work friend who’s name I can’t remember…

I spent 3 years with her during which time I quit drinking.

After a year I noticed that every time we had an argument she said, “It’s your fault.”

I had tried to leave her 4 times and each time she said, “Oh you’re good at that! Leaving.”

The 5th and final time I left her began with me suggesting that if everything were my fault then we should go to counseling to fix me. She agreed.

During the 5th session with Dexter the therapist I lost the little patience I had and suggested to Dexter that he spell out what was wrong with me, so I could fix this relationship.

Dexter told me that I was one of the most intimidating men he had ever met however that this was not what the problem was with our relationship. He looked at her and said, “The problem is you young lady. You have what we refer to in the therapy business as, stinking thinking.

I almost fell out of my chair.

I felt such joy!

It wasn’t my fault !

I ended the relationship that night. I offered to pay for her therapy to get the help she needed because I knew she would not do it herself.

I picked her up each Wednesday evening and drove her to Dexter for a month.

On the last night I saw her she looked at me as I drove her and smiled.

“The only reason I’m doing this is to waste your money. “

Dexter was right. Stinking Thinking.

The education continued…

Dennis Mantin

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