25 Things I Have Learned.

Life is short…

Love is worth fighting for.

Family is important until they aren’t.

Memory is faulty.

Silence and patience are virtuous.

Words can hurt. Use them carefully. You never know what inner struggles others are dealing with. If you have nothing good to say, silence is a wonderful option.

Protect yourself and treat yourself with respect. If we treated our friends the way most of us treat ourselves… we would have no friends.

Gravity works.

The sun rises and sets every 24 hours regardless what you think.

You are what you eat. Eat well and in moderation.

Don’t take yourself to seriously. No one else will.

Tell people you care about how you feel. No one can read your mind.

Matter exists in at least 3 states, solids, liquids and gas.

Money matters. You can’t pay rent or eat with good intentions.

Very few people speak truthfully. Many exaggerate. If something is to good to be true then proceed with caution.

There are 2 types of workers. Those that do a good job and Those that promote their careers.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Don’t go to sleep angry.

Shit happens. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Generally speaking, following the crowd is a bad idea.

It is not the lies we tell each other that are problematic. It’s the lies we tell ourselves and believe that are the problem.

Change happens. Get used to it or learn to suffer.

Learn to give without an expectation of return: or don’t give.

Fears fall into 2 categories. Rational and irrational.

Avoid the words Always and Never. They rarely happen.

Dennis Mantin

3 thoughts on “25 Things I Have Learned.

  1. In all of your post I resonated with every word, except only the part about “too good to be true.”

    Simply avoiding does nothing but erase any potential for miracles in this life. I myself have stayed open to experience absolutely disinterested kindnesses and wonderful moments which defy explanation.

    Be careful when it seems too good to be true, yes, but do not unconditionally avoid.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable lessons, hope I’ve been able to make a little addition!


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