Time Space Continuum 

Dave watched Bob from the front passenger’s seat as the seats filled behind us. I was trying to get a read on Bob and was failing. Finally he came to Dave’s window. 

” Can you drive me to basecamp? ” He asked, seemingly oblivious to the van full of crew I was taking to lunch in the opposite direction. 

As I drove away Dave told me he liked my answer and then joked. ” Everybody out of the fucking car right now… Bob’s got Important work to do.”

” Was that his expectation?” I asked Dave.

“Nah, he’s just focused… He’s just one of those people who if he’s not where he supposed to be in his mind; if his time space continuum is altered in any way from his expectations then he just does everything in his power to get back on track. ”

I have been schooled! Thank you Dave!

Dennis Mantin 

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