I am Smitten!

My Zylia 6,  phoned me this evening to say hello. I bought her her first phone this past weekend and she is so happy about that…

6 years ago today we were on a beach in Bali, which was my last time on a beach.

She was months old and she’d start to dance in my arms as soon as she heard and smelled the ocean.

She said to me this past weekend, “I  remember when Mom and I were both sick and you sat with us to take care of us… those were good times.”

I don’t remember that but I do remember her refusing to go to her crib and crawling to my bed when we were in France and her Mom and Aunts shaking their heads… As Zylia and I giggled and she held me not letting go until one of her Aunts said, “She’s got him wrapped around her little fingers already.”


Dennis Mantin 

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