Diogenes and Alexander 

Diogenes lived in a barrel and wouldn’t come out of the barrel until high noon; and when he would exit, he would light a torch and hold it over his head. This was all done so as to be seen in the best possible light… Hiding nothing!

Diogenes would hold the torch over his head and run around the market place saying…     ” I am looking for an honest man. ”          Or     ” I am looking for a man! “

Invariably someone approached and said        ” I am a man. ” Or ” I am an honest man. “

Diogenes would then deliver the ultimate put down: ” You are not a man. ” He would then continue on in and a!round the market place saying, ” I am looking for an honest man. “

Word of the mad man who lived in a barrel and looking for an honest man reached Alexander the Great, who had no world’s left to conquer that day and decided to visit Diogenes. 

As Alexander and his Generals on horseback surrounded the barrel;  it was not yet noon and Diogenes wouldn’t exit the barrel. 

I imagine the comments by drunken soldiers awaiting to see Diogenes.

” Do you think he’s in the middle of spring cleaning. “

” Maybe he’s entertaining guests.”

When he finally made an appearance, Diogenes looked up at Alexander who’s shadow fell on Diogenes and said, ” I am Alexander the Great… Ruler of the known world;  I am able to grant you whatever you wish.  What is your desire? “

Diogenes is reported to have answered…

” Could you please get out of my light. “

This is where the expression, being in the spotlight comes from and 15 minutes of fame. 

Alexander is reported to have died of alcoholism in his early 30’s. What would the man who ruled everything have to drink about? Not difficult to imagine…

Be careful what you wish for?

Dennis Mantin 

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