Toronto Fashion Week Yorkville Village Mall

I heard from Caitlin that you’re returning. 

“Oh joy, oh blessed be!”

You’ll descend upon our space with your barriers of rope and black curtains, ghettoising we the public from your genius.

I already have a bias from Cohen…              ” I don’t like your fashion business MISTER. I don’t like what happened to my SISTER. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.” 

“Followed by Toronto Yorkville Village ?”

Have you not received the memo?

1 Lose the minimum wage security guards. 2  Drop the barriers. 3 Include the curious wholefoods shoppers and public who you are displaced by your mere presence. 4 Create a walk through for the public to see what’s happening that includes my 6 years old daughter who is interested and curious and who would give your event the honest appraisals and cred you seek and desperately need… possibly. 5 Grow up. 6 Visit Sick Kids Hospital with your event. 7 Stop taking yourselves so seriously. 

8 Or don’t. 

P.S. I like it here. 

Dennis Mantin 

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