Daddy Shit a Bear 

Children of father’s who do little or nothing, often brag about their Daddy’s great feats! My mother referred to this phenomenon as Daddy Shit a Bear!

My daughter at 6 asked me, “How come you have so much money Daddy?”

“We’re very lucky. “I told her, ” I work for my money. ”

She pondered. ” I didn’t think you worked since you have lunch with me so often.”

” I just work around that, because that’s important to me. ”

When she was 5, we went to a Work Christmas Party. It was really set up for kids with rides and slides and Santa and gifts. After a couple hours I checked my phone and got lost there and when I picked up my head I couldn’t see her. 

I got that sick feeling one gets at such times… searching, spinning, panic!

I caught a glimpse of her behind me moving to stay at the center of my back. Somewhere between relieved and angry, I snapped, “Don’t ever do that!”

She smiled and started running circles around me. I said, “If you don’t stop that we are leaving.”

She continued and as I led her away I said in my best, I’m the boss, Daddy Shit a Bear voice  “Don’t say you weren’t warned! ”

She didn’t cry but she was disappointed and as I tied her shoes she said…

” Standing around in lines and waiting sometimes I get bored. I just like to have a little fun.” 

I was floored by her maturity and ability to communicate.  

” Do you want to stay?”



I’m being schooled by this little girl Mom! No Daddy Shit a Bear for me! We just like to have a little fun!

Dennis Mantin 

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