The Fixer

They took me to the fixer.

She said, “Your choice is yours to choose.”

“Avoid spirits and elixir?”

“You don’t want to light that fuse.”

The Fixer is Cameleon.

Shifting mists amidst the smoke.

But don’t laugh at her comedian.

Because he can’t take a joke.

I’m learning things like politics.

False information and throw a curve.

I ran it by the fixer.

But she’s on her last nerve.

They yelled, “Take me to your leader!”

And they all looked at me.

The Fixer packed up for the coast.

Needs a vacation by the sea.


Thet took me to the fixer.

They said I couldn’t lose.

She said, “You are so sick, Sir!”

Now, the fixer has the blues.

Dennis Mantin

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