Stranger Kindness

I got out early, and it hadn’t been a bad day, so I picked up the kid and asked her if she wanted to go for Chillie Dogs and Ice Cream at the Dairy Queen.

She smiled and jumped in the car. The first DQ had one employee, which is never a good sign, and she smiled after I ordered and said. “I can give you cheese dogs. However, I’m out of Chillie.”

I thought, ‘How do you run out of 1 of the only 2 food items you have, but kept that to myself. I looked at the kid who moaned a face of disappointment without words, and I asked ,”You want to try the other DQ?” I didn’t have to ask twice.

We got what we wanted at the 2nd place and satisfied we went home. As I backed into street parking, the young man directly behind me backed his car up to give me more room. I was surprised/shocked. It had been so long since I saw stranger kindness that it’s given me a strange sense of hope and optimism…

Dennis Mantin

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