Shit Storm Coming

I have this annoying habit of standing up for myself in a standoffish, vociferous manner. Sometimes, I’m even right! In those uncertain moments, I have even learned not to inflate myself with righteous indignation.

Right or wrong, this is my nature; which doesn’t work well with acceptance as a general concept.

In general terms, I think the human condition has been trained to not offend. I remember that day well! I tried it on and didn’t like it.

As a result of this human condition, we have gotten the leadership we deserve and are subjected to being blindsided by policies and practices of psychopaths who care about you as much as I care for them.

There’s a shit storm coming like nothing we’ve ever seen, and there’s a fight to be had that will center around transhumanism, biotechnology, children, big pharmaceutical organizations, and financial greed…

Dennis Mantin

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