The World Owes Him A Living

My Grandfather said of his son, my father: “He behaves as if the world owes him a living.

Neither of those men, like me, is without our flaws. However, it appears to me now that the old man might have been ahead of the curve on this one.

I see many people behaving this way now, which brings me to ask: where are they getting this idea from. It has to be either their parents or the internet? I really don’t know, but this is really a bizarre source of entertainment!

Dennis Mantin

2 thoughts on “The World Owes Him A Living

  1. That’s a depressing view of the world. We are all really living on credit because we are literally surrounded by death and anything can stop our life. But basically, life is neither good nor bad by nature, but as we make it. And that’s why I see life as a miracle, a rare but massive phenomenon. Where it is not there, it is not there, where it is there, it will use every opportunity to spread because who knows when the next time it will be available. Instead of looking at life as if it owes us something or we owe it something, we should look at it with gratitude that we were given the opportunity to exist.


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