The bad luck raised suspicions, on a path that was beat down.

No one dared to look within or see the wise men in the town.

It was happening for eons, as long as Grandad could recall.

Like a dark foreboding plank walk or a dream in which you fall.

Until the child spoke her words that, “Maybe somethings wrong with me?”

So we made a meeting with the Doc, down at the Family Psychiatry.

The doctor raised awareness and we all took a look.

Things are looking so good now, might take Grandma off the hook.

Now life is far from perfect however the family’s not so sad.

Looking in the mirror, not blaming blind luck, good or bad.

Dennis Mantin

11 thoughts on “Eons

      1. And what’d you suggest somebody who’s always lived in a bubble, if they want to write as well as you,would reading be enough? I see your writings aren’t just limited to one thing, so what do I need to do to be able to write like that?


  1. The Power of Myth is an interview with Joseph Campbell near the end of his life and a career studying humanity. You will find out what drives us to write and what is the major forces in life.


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