It takes a lot to get me excited now…

Which  is such a departure from my youth, when almost anything could get a rise.

Back then, I always had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t shut down my racing mind! It’s not why I drank so much alcohol. However, that did help me to get some sleep…

I had trouble sleeping last night at first; which is weird because for years, I slept so well. I had a final meeting with the editor who signed off on my novel!

I’m excited. I’m about to be published. I’ve waited a long time. I am ready.

At the bus stop at 5:15 a.m. a very charming homeless man just told he wrote a joke: He said, “Why did the banana speak to the prune? Because he couldn’t get a date.” I smiled, and then he said he was trying to get enough for a coffee. Things are looking up.

Dennis Mantin

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