I am misunderstanding almost everyone.

I really don’t get people.

I can’t read them or their minds.

I misunderstand their intentions.

I think most of you are lying anyway, mostly to yourselves.

I am comfortable being alone.

I have my thoughts and books and the mad souls.

I like writers, especially those who show intention.

You might not like them as people or their characters, but at least they show you a glimpse of reality.

The mad are less ambiguous. They spout their truth. However, it is difficult to be present in such huge amounts of rage and disappointment.

Dennis Mantin

One thought on “Ambiguity

  1. We do repel each other sometimes, don’t we? After enough accumulated bitterness we become like porcupines, so that when we meet a like-minded person, we end up poking at each other’s sore spots.


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