Where Darkness Shone

I had a headache and felt like crap.

I took a long extended nap.

You know… the way retirees do.

Across the time, planes, and plantations.

My dreams are just fields of explanations.

Show me histories of me, not you.

I don’t ask, I don’t confide.

I bear witness, and there’s a guide.

Let’s me see, then she fades to blue.

I don’t fight. Wouldn’t if I could.

I’m taking notes, I think I should.

I listen well. It’s what I do.

There’s no fear, no missing, no longing.

Just this sense steeped in belonging.

I see my Mom, our daughter, but not you.

They seem to know me. They bear witness.

With no mention for your forgiveness.

Like me, with you, they are through.

I wake up, and the pains are gone.

There’s a light where darkness shone.

And so much more, I never knew.

Dennis Mantin

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