A Cliff

I have this memory. It would have been in 1960 or 61. I was 2, maybe 3…

I was with these other children, teenagers and adolescents, maybe 6 of them. I was crying, and some of the older kids got annoyed with me, and they left me.

We were in a field where they left me at the base of a hill and disappeared over the summit. It took me some time to climb the hill with my little short legs. However, I fully expected to see them all when I reached the top.

The top of the hill led to a cliff, and no one was in sight. I was alone. I remember just laying down in the grass. I think we were outside of Halifax.

I don’t know who came back for me, but it was an adult man, and I remember his concern. I remember him yelling at the kids who abandoned me.

I guess that could have turned out differently…

Dennis Mantin

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