Nothing Is As It Seems

You don’t see the opportunities when you are young; or at least I didn’t… I doubt many do.

The fortunate who the Elder referred to as ‘Pups brought up around fires’ would just accept their lot in life and accept and expect all wishes and desires to be provided.

The less fortunate would just wallow in their misery and perhaps dream of better times, gazing upon the fortunates as their ultimate goal.

I didn’t know what I was. Mine was elsewhere. I existed to observe, nothing more. I didn’t belong where I was.

My mother didn’t belong there either. She was trapped by circumstance. I was too ignorant to know or see. She told me we would leave when she got better. She never recovered.

Alcohol numbed the pain and stunted growth. It did, however, keep me alive, and for that, I am grateful.

Opportunities abounded and now I see the whole fucking drama for what it was and is… Nothing is as it seems.

I regret nothing. I wish that maybe I could not have offended anyone, but really, how arrogant is a wish like this?

Life is truly a fascinating experience and journey. Thank you, God!

Dennis Mantin

3 thoughts on “Nothing Is As It Seems

  1. You know Dennis, this is something very identifiable. From whatever I little I have read of your writings, it seems you have gone through an array of experiences and therefore the beautiful words..


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