A Recap of Unprecedented  Wealth & Prosperity

Jordan Peterson said that anyone born before 1895 had it rough. Poverty and backbreaking work were the order of the day.

Considering that 2 world wars and a global depression followed that date; I don’t think that it’s a big stretch to state that very few people living before 1945 had a life of leisure.

We have been living in a time of Unprecedented Wealth & Prosperity for essentially my entire life.

However, it appears to this humans observation that humanity has not adapted well to this prosperity.

The lower and middle classes of society have a higher standard of living than the royalty of 200 years ago. Yet we complain about the slightest of inconveniences when we are really rarely inconvenienced in a comparative historical context.

The super wealthy rarely seem satisfied with what they have, and there seems to be this unquenchable thirst for more.

This latest focus on the proper use of pronouns and everything that goes with that… has me thinking that this leisurely life has passed beyond the threshold of human capabilities.

Dennis Mantin

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