The Revealing Mystery of ‘How I Knew I Was Heard’

She spoke carefully, “Well something must have happened to cause her to react like that?!” Her voice rose an involuntary octave at the end her question.

“Something did happen for sure. I said NO to her… She almost lost her mind. I have never seen anyone react worse to NO in my life. She screamed,’Who do you think you are to say no to me?!'”

“I answered, I’m the person who pays for everything around here and I am the father of our child. That does give me some say in things… She never recovered. Never was nice to me again and from what I’ve observed, I don’t think she’s ever been nice to anyone since.”

“What did you say no to?”

“She wanted to go to Africa to see her sister and take our daughter. I paid for the trip… then she announced to me that after the visit with her sister was over, she was going to take the train from Nairobi to Tanzania. I asked where she was going to stay. She said, ‘We will just go camping.’ ‘With a baby? I asked. She nodded and smiled yes. I said ‘ Are you trying to get her abducted? She screamed, ‘It’s not true! It’s not true! Regardless she said she was going and a few days later I called travel advisory for Nairobi and there was an extreme high terrorist alert. This was in 2013. This ended the trip. She was furious and never forgave me for ruining her plans. So that is her reason for saying that I was abusive. Her whole deal after this was getting rid of me. Getting sole custody and moving back to France… and she didn’t care how she went about it…. In the end she falsified documents and perjured herself in court. Not to mention child abuse. Does this answer your question about what happened to get her to behave like this?”

There was silence on the other end in a phone. I could tell she was crying. That’s how I knew I was heard.

Dennis Mantin

2 thoughts on “The Revealing Mystery of ‘How I Knew I Was Heard’

  1. Wow Dennis, Tubularsock’s heart goes out to you and your daughter. Sometimes the Joker is left in the deck of life and when it turns on you hopefully a lesson is learned.

    For some it takes more than one experience to learn the lesson and those are the unlucky ones.

    Good luck with all that …………


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