Alice is in Chicago.

She is in the crypto game.

I am in Toronto.

Trying not to wear that shame.

I was thinking deep thoughts.

And taking coffee with my creams.

A man with some face tattoos.

Is not as crazy as he seems.

Julie’s coming here for Christmas.

I just hope to stand that tall.

There’s so much to do here now.

I need some, but don’t need all.

Another day of plenty.

Someone spoke attraction laws.

And I was dreaming sweet dreams.

And not complaining, just because.

The kid she turns eleven.

This week is grinning ear to ear.

She says that she’s happy now.

Says that she likes it here.

I swear I heard a buzzing.

Must be coming from that phone.

Think someone there knows my name.

Let’s me know I’m not alone.

Dennis Mantin

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