The Problem with Facebook

I took a 2 year break from Facebook and returned this week.

Immediately someone informs me that I won a $1,000,000.00 and eventually tells me that I would need to send them $300.00 before I received my winnings.

As a point of fact, I did not receive one scam offer in the 2 years I was away from Facebook.

On the positive side, I did however get to communicate with some cousins I hadn’t heard from in a while…

And I am getting contacted by a large number of 30 something women who are looking for relationships. The fact that I’m 63 and this is not deterring them in the least indicates to me that something is seriously wrong out there!

Might hang out here for a bit.

Dennis Mantin

28 thoughts on “The Problem with Facebook

  1. Dennis, Tubularsock has never ever even tried Facebook for the fear that some long lost cousin may trace Tubularsock down!

    As for the scams ……… the 30ish women wanting to hook up with a 63 year old fellow seems like a bigger scam than the $1,000,000.00.

    Good like with all that!

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      1. It was getting kind of difficult to keep holding it anyway, though I do it as much as I can ~ that way I figure people can’t keep getting away with calling me an airhead! Right?


      2. Okay, as well as being paranoid and obnoxious, I’m going to assume you’ll want the last word as well and will simply ignore future responses from you. Enjoy the world you see/create, I’m out.


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