Here On The Trip of Getting Old.

I never thought I’d get here and yet… Here I am on this trip of getting old.

I am certain now that we all have our own unique experiences and mine is different from yours; however, I am guessing now: that we all come to many of the same conclusions.

1. In my youth I would argue and rail against all inaccuracies I heard. Now I just don’t care if you are right or wrong. You are entitled to your opinions… I  guess.

2. Just this week I got screamed at for saying “good morning “ to a stranger by that stranger. I will not make this mistake again and keep my opinions to myself.

3. Nothing is more important than family. Friends I don’t know anymore. I see friends so seldom. This I had in complete reverse in my younger years.

4. I have always believed in God. Even as a child. I have never believed I was…

5. I have learned to listen. This was hard to accomplish.

6. The work ethic has never left. I am a bit like the Anglicans… We are trying to work our way to heaven.

7. I hate bullies. Always have. Growing up skinny I experienced this phenomenon. I find it interesting to experience fear of me; because I am a large bald man. Life is truly funny and balanced and filled with delightful irony.

8. I will continue to be me as long as I’m allowed; mainly because I know nothing else. I don’t have a plan and perhaps never will. I am according to my daughter a wonderful father and I know of no greater accomplishments.

Dennis Mantin

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