Ahead of the Curve

My mother was Protestant and my father was Catholic. I grew up with Anglicans and Baptists in a small east coast farming community.

I state this because despite these people’s obvious flaws and drawbacks… they  were generally speaking a hard working lot.

If one were prone to being lazy, you could expect to be pissed on from great heights for such a crime.

I met my Grandfather Patrick when I was 18 and he was 92. He said of my father who I had not met.

“Your father thinks the world owes him a living.”

My father stopped working the year I was born and essentially became a bum.

Considering my surroundings and youth it should come as no surprise that I judged this character flaw with disdain.

However upon reflection and observations of the current culture, I am beginning to think that the ‘old man’ was Ahead of the Curve.

Dennis Mantin

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