In The Beginning… In The End.

It was painful in the beginning. Lines creased on furrowed brow.

It may have looked like something else. But really no one knew just how.

The teachers they all stayed silent. They were staring at the ground.

Or they looked for things just at their feet. But nothing much was found.

The youth had all gone sullen. They were prone to criticize.

Their status was more confusion. You could see it in their eyes.

It took just a generation. Some said it would take 2.

With the boys and girls not talking. The children they were few.

And no one could remember, in the end they just grew old.

There was no win with a hand like that. In the end they had to fold.

Some were looking for salvation. They were looking far and wide.

Finally someone spoke some truth and suggested look inside.

Dennis Mantin

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