Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

The expression-‘Shit or get off the pot.’ … I first heard from someone born in 1908. He was fond of saying  19 ought 8.

He was of a different time: in the land before indoor plumbing and poverty hardships.

Today I was with my daughter who was born in 2011 and I was being impatient with something she couldn’t decide and the phrase shit or get off the pot bounced around my brain… but I didn’t say it at first

I said, ” Have you ever heard the expression shit or get off the pot?

She answered, “No.”

I explained that before there was indoor plumbing people used chamber pots and if the pot was being used and someone needed to go then this is probably where that came from. She laughed.

A modern turn on the old expression is “Lead follow or get out of the way.”

Dennis Mantin

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