It is quiet and peaceful here in the end of July 2022…

‘I slept like a baby’ As the saying goes and the baby is still sleeping. The baby is almost 11 now and we will be together for 2 years just the 2 of us at the end of August.

She is talking about getting a farm again which is a good sign. Probably is a good thing to have something to look forward to…

One more week and this contract is over. We will drive to Cape Breton and then after that, come back and there will be another one of those and she will go back to school.

She seems happy.

I am about to start writing again. This time is a treatment for a screenplay which I have not done before. The Hero of this story has everything taken from him, or so he thinks… until he meets someone who truly has everything taken from him and turns his life around in new and spectacular ways when he decides to go back and help that man who has truly lost everything.

I have lived these delusions.

Dennis Mantin

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