The Cats Ass. Don’t Ask…

I was having my morning Americano at my local watering hole… The Viking looking dude with the painted toe nails and a one eyed black beagle  was talking to ‘J’ the attractive barista, about this great happening new place somewhere… that was just the best place to be on the weekends; and J said, “I heard it’s like therapy!”

At least that’s what I think she said; but anyway they all agreed this new place was the ‘cats ass.’

And my first thought is, What is this new great place?

Which is quickly followed by this thought…  Don’t ask!

You will ruin it for them. You will go and judge and all will be upset.


The moment you arrive the place is no longer the place to be.

So I left. I didn’t ask. The cool kids are safe.

Dennis Mantin

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